Two bikes running

Paul: "Our shocks are doing great, The rebound damping is comfortable when sat down on the road and really good on the rough stuff when standing. Tomorrow we are heading the Rocky Mountains."

Global adventure bike riders want a shock that is significantly better than the standard shock. They also want the option to adjust it to their individual preferences. Weight requirements including lugggage, shock length, linear or progressive springs, changing road conditions are all considerations that make up the blueprint to constructing your individual shock.

"Less is more!" What is not on a shock cannot cause problems! The E-RS is the perfect shock for a great adventure, solid and reliable for thousands of miles. (Extremely important when you are in the middle of nowhere!) The shock can be completely serviced and overhauled and can perform year after year as like a brand new unit. Riding with full load on poor roads or even on no roads at all, you will be satisfied with your decision to invest in Yacugar's E-RS! ( The E-RS is also available for urban jungle tours).

Angie and Paul will make a trip around the world. From England to Canada, United States, Mexico,Guatemala, Honduras,Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru,Bolivia, Chile,New Zealand, Australia,Indonesia, Malaysia,Thailand, Cambodja,India, Pakistans, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Italy, France and back to England.

This said Paul  about the suspension

" At first we thought the cost to replace the rear shocks would be prohibitive so instead we planned to re-spring each unit with a better quality progressive spring. After removing the shock on Paul's bike (It's done 9k miles) and realising what was involved and noticing wear on the OE unit we decided we did needed to re-shock the bikes.

It wasn't too hard to decide which manufacturer to go for, we had discounted the **** brand as a friend has had loads of trouble with his shock and in fact binned it in the USA. I called Will at FTR Suspension while looking into buying Springs and he told me about Yacugar. To cut to the chase Yacuger was formed when White Power moved its factory out of Holland leaving behind the work force. It must have been a no brainer to put all that skill and engineering knowledge to good use. FTR are a dealer for Yacugar so I ordered one shock. You state the rider weight and in our case luggage as well and the shock is built to order – when it arrived as soon as I opened the box I had decided to get one for Angie's bike.

 Talk about quality. With the unit fitted I was able to ride both bikes back to back and to be honest it's a revelation. I took my time to get the static sag spot on, this was made easy with the C-spanner that came with the shock. I'm no road tester but the bike feels more stable in corners now and soaks up the bumps that had the OE unit chopping around. Another deciding factor is that the OE unit is non-rebuildable whereas the Yacugar is and will last a life time. Anyway – another shock ordered for Angie's bike. Take a look at the pictures in our gallery

 www.twobikesrunning.co.uk   and  www.yacugar-suspension.co.uk  "