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Lower & Raise

In balance

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No tricks !                                      Simply  fit the right height adjustment...               and feel confident !    

Riding your bike has to be safe and comfortable, therefore Yacugar Suspension has height adjustment kits just for you! They are easy to fit and supplied with a clear, concise manual to give you back your confidence and put the fun back into riding your motorcycle.

Yacugar offers you two ways to change the height of your bike kit and springs.

Rear: a lowering kit uses the link system  (if your bike has one).  It is a simple and cost effective way to lower your bike. 
For Raiser kits we use the same application.

Rear: a lowering  spring replaces the original shock spring.This progressive spring is not shortened, it only starts less progressive (= softer) and the weight of the bike makes it sag to the height you want.You can lower from 10mm up to 100mm and raise up to 30mm.
Front: you can lower the front by lowering the fork through the triple clamp. If this is not possible we advice to fit lowering fork springs too. You will have your perfect bike height plus the advantages of Yacugar's progressive springs.

 honda-VFR lowering kits 2
icon service Kits and springs come with a clear fitting instruction, fork springs with the correct SAE and volume oil.