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The mixture of ironstone and carbon that is used to produce Yacugar springs is not as interesting as how well they work! The most important feature is that Yacugar springs are developed by highly skilled suspension engineers and produced by a high quality spring manufacturer. The result is premium springs, 100% engineered & produced in Holland for your satisfaction and safety.

Yacugar fork springs are super polished. This reduces friction and therefore creates a much more steady damping fork compared to non polished springs.

Yacugar progressive fork springs have already received great feedback from the press who have experienced the huge improvement they make first hand during recent tests

"The Yacugar progressive springs in the forks have massively improved braking. As they dive less, I can brake harder and still feel confident in the available grip. In fact, I feel everything but because the springs are progressive, small bumps and holes in the road aren't felt through the bars"


The program
The Yacugar spring recommendation list has a huge number of applications; Over 3000 different springs to choose from! The list contains linear, progressive and progressive lowering as well as linear MX springs. The chance of finding the right one for your bike is high! You also have the choice to order your fork springs with or without oil. Ordering your springs with oil allows you to always get the recommended and premium quality oil which ensures your forks always function at their optimum level.

Premium Fork Oil
Our premium quality oil meets Grand Prix Specifications. It has low friction and anti-foam performance. This oil is suitable for use in Racing, Road & Off-Road Motorcycle disciplines.

Available in the viscosities: SAE 2.5  -  5  -  7.5  -  10  -  15  -  20  and  40.
So, do you choose another bike? Maybe a new bike? Or, do you choose a much smaller investment in new Yacugar springs which makes your bike ride like a new one!