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Road and Track

All Yacugar shock absorbers are made from the highest quality materials to guarantee a long life of use. Moreover, after a period of extensive use the whole shock can be fully serviced to once again perform like a new shock! This is peace of mind for you and for the future owner of your bike. With all Yacugar shocks, as standard you have the choice of a linear or progressive spring, it's up to you!

S-RR (Spin-Road Race)

The S-RR is the top shock in the Yacugar road/track shock program. Engineered to perform at the highest level it has everything possible to make you at 'one' with your bike. At the track, on the road, wherever. It will be an exciting experience to ride with this state of the art suspension technology!


16 mm spindle  • 46 mm piston
•  Engineered with long life, durable materials  • Linear or progressive springs fitted                          
30 clicks of high-speed compression adjustment  • 30 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment
50 clicks of rebound adjustment  • Length adjustment (if required & if possible)
Hydraulic preload (if required & possible)  • Hugely improved handling
Increased comfort and control  • Fully rebuildable
Reduced tire wear  • Improved tyre grip
•  Excellent cooling properties    


E-RS (Emulsion-Road Sport)
The E-RS is an emulsion shock suitable for all applications. Whether you ride a sports bike, tourer or cruiser, the Yacugar E-RS is the most cost effective damper. The E-RS features spring pre-load adjustment as well as rebound adjustment. Made from high quality aluminum components, the E-RS is a huge improvement over a standard shock and will reduce your braking distance, tyre wear and give you a much better ride! You will enjoy riding your bike so much more! The shock is optionally available with length adjustment and hydraulic pre-load adjuster.

F-RS (Fusion-Road Sport)
The F-RS and S-RS are Yacugar's multi functional, fully adjustable shocks. As well as spring preload and rebound adjustment, these shocks also have high & low speed compression adjustment. The adjusters on the F-RS shocks are located on the remote nitrogen reservoir which is connected to the shock by a flexible hose.

S-RS (Spin-Road Sport)
The S-RS has the compression adjusters on the fixed reservoir. The large adjustment range makes it possible to tweak your suspension to suit any condition. It transforms your normal street bike into a capable track day or adventure motorcycle.

This shock is available in two models, S-RS1 and S-RS2, depending of the fitting situation of the bike. The application list shows the shock/bike combination.

E-RS  F-RS and S-RS have a 16mm spindle, 46mm piston (36mm for twins shocks) and 50 clicks of rebound adjustment. F-RS and S-RS have 30 low/ clicks speed compression adjustment

You will have 5 years warranty on your shock. (See conditions on tab 'services')