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Steering Dampers

Control the forces of speed

sd silver road curve

This light weight damper gives you always the right feeling with no fewer than 25 clicks. If needed you can complete service this damper and rebuild it as a new one with the overhaul kit. And because we are convinced of the quality you get 5 years warranty.


 Yacugar steering dampers are available in the   colors Black, Silver and Champaign and in the lengths  75mm, 120mm, 140mm and 160mm
And for sure you want a perfect fit of this damper.
The precision machined mounting kit with clear manual fits simple and perfect. For many years of control of the forces of speed.
Mounting kits are available in the colors Black and Silver
 a clear fitting instruction comes with the   mounting kit
Several types of damper brackets and fork clamps are available. You can find detailed information in the application list  'damper brackets-drawings'
Fotolia 5-year-gold-smoke