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Today at FTR we fitted the Yacugar E-RS shock (with separation piston) and Progressive forks springs to Simon Goddard's Kawasaki Z1000 2010 model!The improvement was massive allowing Simon to manoeuvre the bike much easier in corners and manage the bike must better under braking due to less diving. Overall Simon was very happy with his new set-up and he loved the look of the Yacugar shock which finished his bike off nicely going well with his aluminium wheels!

Here are Simon's comments

"WOW !! - a massive thanks to you all for the superb job you've done on my Z1000 with the YACUGAR suspension upgrade.It's the first bike I've owned that I've either had the cash or the inclination to consider upgrading the suspension on, but now that I've had a weekend with the bike and the opportunity to put in some serious miles on roads I ride regularly, I just cannot believe the improvement both in ride quality and handling - it truly does feel like a different bike !!The front feels stable and planted and feedback through the bars is incredible - add to that a rear end that now soaks up whatever I can throw at it and doesn't lock up and try to kick you out of the seat on a series of bumps, and you'll understand why I'm so impressed with the whole' new' package. I truly am blown away by the result - best money I've ever spent on a bike and I cannot recommend both FTR and Yacugar highly enough!"


Perfect program

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  • Progressive springs
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Made in Holland

All shocks, springs and steering dampers and kits are engineered and produced in Holland.

Precision machined from the best materials to guarantee that you will allways have a long life premium product.

Yacugar shocks and steering dampers are 100% serviceable