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Your alternative in the Champion Class

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The Yacugar S-MX shock is a real competition shock with many years of engineering experience captured inside. It will live up to all your suspension expectations.
Developed for the highest level competition, the S-MX has fully adjustable high and low speed compression adjustment and adjustable spring preload. The shock also has a wide range of rebound adjustment.
The S-MX is made with premium materials. It has a 16 mm damper rod and a 50 mm steel tube. The steel is much less sensitive to changes in temperature than aluminum is, therefore  the result is a much more consistent damping feel during the race!
Yacugar black springs are available in many different rates, so you can always find one that suits your weight, riding style & track conditions.<ul> 

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  • 16 mm spindle
  • 50 mm piston
  • Produced with long life and durable materials
  • 30 clicks of high speed compression adjustment
  • 30 clicks of low speed compression adjustment
  • 50 clicks of rebound adjustment
  • Optional spring rates available
  • Excellent cooling properties
  • Reliable, consistent damping due to steel tube design
  • More comfort and control
  • Increased tyre grip
  • Fully rebuildable


Once you have fitted the S-MX shock to your bike it will support you during as many races as you wish to ride. However, all shocks require servicing from time to time. Therefore it is good to know that your S-MX shock is easy serviceable. After an overhaul from your nearest Yacugar service centre you can ensure that your shock will perform like new time and time again! The Yacugar S-MX shock absorber won't let you down.