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suspension tuning without compromises

duo-headerkopie 2 

Supermoto is racing on dirt sections, road sections and includes mx style jumping. This multi-faceted form of racing needs not a standard MX shock but a competiton shock that is secure tuned for this kind of sport. Yacugar suspension has developped the S-MX-SuperMoto shock in close cooperation with professional Supermoto racers. For example the DSR Suzuki Team and Petr Vorliçek gave their feedback - after many hours of testing - which helped our engineers to optimize this shock for top competition riders.

For the 2012 season we optimized the Supermoto settings - less drifting and  more stability in curves.

The result is a real Supermoto shock, with settings and adjustments on the highest level for this kind of competition motorsport.

NEW - now also available with a length adjuster

SMX Bodem 1
30 clicks low  speed compression   30 clicks high speed compression
50 clicks rebound adjuster REbound 1 win seconds per lap 
compact integrated unit:
50 clicks rebound adjuster and +5mm / -5mm length adjuster
16mm spindle  *  50mm steel tube tube-spring-33  from start to finish
NAALDEN 1 tuning parts for extra personalized settings